Color Blind Glasses UAE

color blind glasses uae
Color blind glasses uae

Color blindness refers to the lack or complete inability to distinguish colors. Generally speaking, colour blindness refers to red-green color blindness.

Facing the colorful world, how do people perceive it? It turns out that there is a kind of photoreceptor cells in the human retina-cone cells, which have three types of photoreceptor pigments: red, green and blue.

Each photosensitive pigment mainly produces excitement for one primary color light, and produces varying degrees of response to the other two primary colors. If a certain kind of pigment is lacking, it will produce sensory disturbance of this kind of color, which is manifested as colour blindness or colour deficiency (weak color discrimination).

There are many different types of color blindness. Those who lack discrimination for only one primary color are called monochromatic blindness. For example, protanopia, also called first color blindness, is more common; green blindness, called second color blindness, is less than red color blindness ;.

blue blindness, the third type of color blindness, is relatively rare. Those who lack the ability to distinguish between two colors are called total color blindness, which is relatively rare.

Those who lack the ability to distinguish between two colours are called total colour blindness, which is relatively rare. Color blindness is mostly caused by congenital heredity, and a few are caused by obstacles in the visual pathway

According to statistics, the incidence of color blindness is 5% for men and 1% for women. People with congenital color vision disorders often do not know that they have abnormal color discrimination, which is mostly discovered by others or during physical examinations. All workers engaged in transportation, fine arts, chemistry, medicine, etc. must have normal color vision.

Therefore, color vision examination has become a routine item during military service, employment, and pre-entry physical examination.

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