COVISN TPG-038 Classic Color Blind Glasses

Ultimate Luxury Model Fashionable Design.
Outdoor and Indoor Use.
Anti-Blue Light Blocking,UV400-blocking.
Protan andDutan Color Blind Correction


COVISN TPG-288 Color Blind Contacts For Red Green Colorblind People

Provides Good Mobility In The Eye
Ensures A Clear Vision In All Conditions
Anti-blue Light Blocking,UV Protection.
Protan and Deutan Color Blind Correction
Can Be Easily Placed And Removed
Sustainable And Stable

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Needless to say, i am overwhelmed when i  able to see green after putting them on. Wearing them out in public and in stores still hasn’t gotten old.Now i  can see things and it looks more vivid and colorful. These are amazing.

N Wheeler

My brother was overwhelmed when I gave these glasses to him for his birthday. He cried and said he had no idea how beautiful red was! I’d buy again in a heartbeat.

Mark Wheeler

Ought them for a nurse of mine who is red/green colorblind. He statues that they work great and he passed his colorblind test with them.

We would recommend them!

MIRORIM Lawrence