Best Color Blind Contacts Review 2023

color blind contacts
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have developed a new color bind contacts that can help treat and correct color vision.

Color blindness is a congenital color vision disorder.highly associated with a decrease in quality of life, as well as professional and social challenges.

It is not only inconvenient, it is also embarrassing – maybe you can’t tell your daughter’s blueberry from her red Ferrari.

Color blindness can be a huge challenge for children in school. Often they are criticized by their teachers or bullied by their classmates because of their poor color recognition, which makes them feel isolated and inferior.

Types of color blind

The most common is red-green color blindness. According to the theory of three primary colors, any color in the visible spectrum can be composed of red, green, and blue. If all three primary colors can be recognized as normal, and all three primary colors cannot be recognized, it is called total color blindness. Those who have reduced ability to recognize any color are called color weakness, mainly red weakness and green weakness, and blue and yellow weakness. If there is a primary color that cannot be identified, it is called dichromatic vision, mainly protanopia and deuteranopia.

People with color blindness (weak) are born with no correct color discrimination ability and think that others are the same as themselves, so they cannot consciously have the disease. Many color blindness patients have no abnormal findings in eye examination.

Red-green blindness is divided into 2 types

Protonomaly-This type of color blindness is less sensitive to red light and causes the affected person to be indistinguishable from the same color in the red-green-yellow spectrum
Deutranomaly-reduced sensitivity to green light and is the most common form of colour blindness.

Protanopia –people may confuse:

  1. Black with many shades of red
  2. Dark brown with dark green, dark orange and dark red
  3. Some blues with some reds, purples and dark pinks
  4. Mid-greens with some oranges

Deuteranopes–people may confuse:

  1. Mid-reds with mid-greens
  2. Blue-greens with grey and mid-pinks
  3. Bright greens with yellows
  4. Pale pinks with light grey
  5. Mid-reds with mid-brown
  6. Light blues with lilac

Tritanopes–most people confuse: light blues with greys, dark purples with black, mid-greens with blues and oranges with reds.
Monochromacy — can see no colour at all and their world like only seeing the world on an old black and white television set.

Treatment of color blindness

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have developed a nano-coating material and process that can be used in contact lenses to correct color vision.

The working principle of this material is to block the band between the red and green wavelengths and to enhance the red and green wavelengths in order to better distinguish between red and green.

People with red and green defects use this kind of lens. After 1-3 weeks, observe the numbers and the surrounding environment, and the clarity of the colors or numbers seen has been greatly improved and improved.

As a result, this nano-coated lens can improve the color vision of people with color blindness.

Color blind contacts will make your life easier. Get the right contact lense that really fits you! For example, read newspapers without any problem when every thing is green, and enjoy a beautiful landscape painting without any confusion on different shades of green. Imagine enjoying watching all kinds of sports in which color plays an important role like basketball or soccer. You will be able to identify specific objects, such as enemy aircraft or friendly aircraft. Also, you can easily match uniform colors you are issued by your company or by your state department.

Best Color Blind Contacts in 2023

1.ColorKinds Color Blind Contacts

ColorKinds color blind contacts uses the research and development results of the University of Hong Kong. At present, after a large number of red-green blind patients in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, it is proved that this nano-coated color blind contact lens can greatly improve their color recognition.
Brought hope to their lives.

ColorKinds color vision contacts lenses are currently the third generation of contact color blind lenses, using the latest nanotechnology.

which only passes through the 590 to 700nm (nanometer) incident light spectrum, improves the ability to distinguish patients with weak red/green/blue.


  • Material : 62% Polymacon
  • Diameter : 13.6 mm
  • Water Content : 40%
  • Oxygen Transmissibility : 147
  • Base Curve : 8.6 mm
  • Using Period : 6-12 months


There are a large number of customers in Southeast Asia and China. The product is mature and the recognition rate of red-green blindness is very high.,Shipping worldwide by free.provider 1 year warranty.Unit Pirce $99 Only,affordable cost worthy to buy.


Free shipping may take long time to delivery due to covid-19 issue conditions.

2.Queencontacts color blind contacts

Queencontacts colorblind contact lenses, has a large number of customers in Europe and Korea, have developed an dye which can be applied to contact lenses to correct color vision.
The working principle of this dye is to block the band between the red and green wavelengths in order to better distinguish between red and green.

Queencontacts color blind contacts


Has a large number of customers in Europe and South Korea, with mature technology, has its own team for product research and development, and will make improvements and develop new products.


Unit Pirce $299.Not offer free shipping.If you are not sensitive to price, you can buy and try.

3.ColorCorrection System by colormax

Dr. Thomas Azman’s innovative ColorCorrection System™, which works by using customized filters to change the wavelength of each color that enters your eyes. These filters are designed for everyone and can be designed as color blind glasses or color blind contact lenses (color blind contact lenses).


Customized color correction lenses that will allow you to see a whole new world of colors and ensure that you pass the Ishihara color palette test.


No onlinle sale.need contact Dr Thomas Azman by offline.


There are few color-blind contact lenses brand currently on the market. Most of them are very expensive due to technical and production reasons. They cannot be similar to color-blind glasses. After the lenses are made, multiple styles of frames can be designed and developed.

However, there are still many benefits of color blind glasses. After wearing them, all the troubles caused by wearing glasses are not affected, and travel and sports will not be affected. In terms of privacy protection, it is very good. After wearing it, others will not be able to find that you are a color-blind patient.

In some occupations with color requirements, color blind contact lenses can also help you solve the problem of color recognition.

Wearing color blind contact lenses can solve all kinds of problems caused by color blindness in your life. However, color blind contact lenses or color blind glasses only correct color blindness but cannot cure color blindness.

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