Nano-tech contact lenses can correct color blindness

Color blind contact lenses specific

High-tech contact lenses can correct color blindness, according to Sharon Karepov of Tel Aviv University in Israel. “Contact lenses use supersurfaces based on nanosized gold ellipses to create a customized, compact and durable way to address these defects.”

Questions that can tell red from green can disrupt simple, everyday tasks, such as judging whether a banana is ripe or judging traffic signals and lights.

In Optics Letters, a journal of the Optical Society (OSA), Karepov and colleagues report that their new metasurface based contact lenses can restore lost color contrast and improve color perception by a factor of 10, based on simulations of color vision defects.

The methods used to introduce new and tailored functions to contact lenses could be extended to help other forms of color vision deficits and even other eye disorders, the researchers said.

How about Colorkinds colorbind contact lenses

ColorKinds color vision contacts lenses are currently the third generation of contact color blind lenses, using the latest nanotechnology.

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Nano optical coating is engraved on the lens, which interferes with the light entering the wearer’s eye, filters red and green photons based on different wavelengths in different degrees, magnifies specific light waves, makes the colors seen more bright and saturated, and improves the color sensitivity to a higher level.

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Moreover, the light is transformed by the nano-optical coating, which makes the light more soft, thus avoiding the irritation of the glasses, making it safer and more comfortable to wear.

Colorkinds contact lens features a spectral filter that controls the amount of light entering the eye and improves color discrimination to a normal level, allowing people with the condition to distinguish colors as if they were normal.

Colorkinds contact lens, which only passes through the 590 to 700nm (nanometer) incident light spectrum, improves the ability to distinguish patients with weak red/green/blue.

According to statistics, about 8% of the population suffers from color blindness. However, color blindness is mostly male, and few women are color blind. The United States has a statistical material said that the world’s color blindness has 240 million people, among which 98% men.

One in 20 men and one in 500 women suffer from color vision disorder. The total number of patients is 3 million, of which more than 99% are chromatism patients. Less than 1% of people are completely color blind.

Colorkinds contact lens is suitable for patients with red color blindness, green color blindness and red-green color blindness. The cure rate of red/green color blindness is as high as 97%, bringing the patients the joy of natural color freshness

The benefits of color-blind contact lenses

1.Let the color blindness children carry on the correct color recognition and color identification in the early stage
2.For professionals to pass color blindness tests
3.Reduce the academic challenges associated with color blindness
4.Improve the quality of sports and outdoor activities
5.Enhance the overall enjoyment of art, media and the environment

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