Does Color Blind Glasses Work

do color blind glasses works

Many colorblind people cannot distinguish between red and green in everyday life, making it difficult to distinguish traffic lights. Of course, it is not suitable to be an airplane pilot, driver, etc. Otherwise, if be scholar and technical personnel, do office work, do not have too big hindrance.

Lots of people who have color blind,but they don’t know if color blind glasses is really works.

What Is Color Blind

In terms of the formation mechanism of human color vision, we need to feel the color information of a light.

First of all, the three types of cone cells on the retina must be able to react differently to the light to form electrical nerve signals and transmit them to the brain.

Then the part of the brain responsible for visual processing must correctly interpret this information.

Therefore, if there is a problem in any of the three links of information reception, transmission, and processing, the problem of color blindness will occur.

Generally we believe that in the eyes, the depth or richness of a certain hue cannot be seen, and it is usually considered to be color blind.

According to a report by the American Optometric Association, as many as 8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from color blindness, and there are about 200 million color blind people worldwide.

Typical Color Blind Types And Causes

Congenital color blindness is mostly recessive and is caused by the absence of three pigments in the cones of the retina.

Red-green color blindness is mostly X chromosome linked recessive inheritance.

Eye diseases: refractive stroma, retinal cells, optic nerve, visual center and other diseases can cause color blindness.
Drug poisoning: such as digitalis poisoning.

According to statistics from the American Optometric Association, The most common type is red-green color blindness. which approximately 99%. So,most of the color blindness, we can think is red-green color blindness.

What Is Color Blind Glasses

Color blind glasses are glasses with lenses that increase or improve coloration, which can help people with color blindness or color weakness to correct or improve a color vision defect.

Speaking the most are red- green color blindness, in the retina of red-green color blind patients, unlike normal people, they only have two types of cone cells that can work normally-the sensitivity of cone cells to light signals of different wavelengths is determined by it. It is determined by the main opsin.

There are three types of cone cells in the retina of healthy people. Among them, there are three dominant opsins (for convenience we named them “red” protein, “green” protein, and “blue” protein, mainly containing them These are called “red” cells, “green” cells, and “blue” cells).

In general, patients with red green color blindness are difficult to express the “green” protein in the retinal cones due to genetic defects, so the retina is used for specific Sensual cells that receive green light wavelengths are missing.

When green light is projected on their retina, their “red” cells are more easily excited, so for these patients, it is difficult for them to perceive green.

The lens of the color blind glasses can enhance the signal of the red and green color wavelengths, stimulate the light sensitivity of the cone cells, and enhance the expression of the red and green light waves.

Covisn color blind glasses, the lenses using polyurethane prepolymer, are more wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and have a clearer vision than many other lenses. The lenses are 100% anti-blue and have UV protection.

The sports models, which are suitable for outdoor sports, and there are also models suitable for daily work. They can be use indoors and outdoors. They are currently popular half-frame and full-frame styles.

Types Of Color Blind Glasses

According to color blindness type and severity, color blindness glasses are divided into 2 types


If you have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism after the test of an authorized optometrist, you need to customize the color blind glasses according to your actual results. The customized price is generally very expensive.


After you are tested by an authorized optometrist, if you do not suffer from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, you can use Nonprescription colorblind glasses without correction. General-purpose colorblind glasses can meet your needs. And the price is much cheaper than customized prescriptions.

Which Color Blind Glasses Are The Best

Most color blind glasses works best for Mild and Moderate protan deutan (red green) color blindness.

1.Mild protan /deutan,we recommend COVISN TPG-038,which are our best selling product.

 1.Ultimate Luxury Model Fashionable Design.
 2.Outdoor and Indoor Use.
 4.Anti-Blue Light Blocking,UV400-blocking.
 4.Protan and Dutan Color Blind Correction

2.Outdoor activities such as sports outdoors, sports models COVISN TPG-106 are recommended

1. Newest Sport Model
2. Perceive All Colors Better. No Need To Struggle With Indistinguishable Greens And Reds Anymore.
3. Red-green Color Blind Correction.

3.Office ,student activities , we recommend COVISN TPG-200,COVISN TPG-005,COVISN TPG-205

which are fashion design and works for protan and deutan colorblind people.

4.Protect your privacy, we recommend color-blind contact lenses, the effect after wearing them, people cannot know that you are wearing color-blind glasses.

Original price was: €185.Current price is: €92.
Original price was: €148.Current price is: €74.
Original price was: €129.Current price is: €65.
Original price was: €129.Current price is: €65.

How Much Money Are Color Blind Glasses

Covisn color blind glasses, the lens is made of polyurethane prepolymer, and the cost is higher than ordinary lenses. The lens adopts a multi-coating design with anti-blue light and ultraviolet protection.

Most of them are over $100. We offer discounts on cost and transportation costs. The price of all glasses is under $100
Provide free shipping and 60-day trial service, after ordering, there has 1 year warranty service.

How Effective Are Color Blind Glasses

Surprisingly, for people with color blindness, a pair of glasses made of special materials can change their lives. Whether it’s the first time to hear my child’s call through a cochlear implant, or the first time to wear magical glasses to see the vibrant vegetation and the lover’s rosy lips, when the senses obscured by the disease are finally connected to the real world, and then People who are calm and strong will inevitably be moved to tears by the original richness of life.

The final color we see depends on the proportion of red, green, and blue light signals processed by cone cells to the brain.

However, the target wavelength range of the cone cells of color blind patients often shifts. For example, in one case, the division of labor between the two cones that distinguish red light and green light is unclear, and they are mixed together, eventually making the brain unable to distinguish the difference between red and green, so all the objects that should be red and green become dim “brown” “.

The appearance of color blind glasses is no different from common sunglasses, and is essentially a filter. It can prevent a part of light of a specific wavelength from passing through, such as the part where red light and green light have adjacent wavelengths in the spectrum and often overlap with each other when identified by diseased cones.

At the same time, the lenses let light with a large difference in wavelength, and they are more easily recognized by cone cells.

In this way, with the help of glasses, the correct ratio of the two color signals presented to the brain will increase, and the patient will be able to distinguish richer colors.

The amount of light transmitted by the color blind glasses is reduced, so they are not suitable for use in dimly lit places, or for patients with cataracts and severe vision loss. At present, the technology of color blind glasses that are suitable for night use and more finely distinguish other bands is not very mature.



1.After putting on the glasses, at least 10 minutes later, perform a colorblindness test book test to allow the glasses to adapt to changes in light and shade. Helps cone cells adjust the sensitivity of the eyes.

2.In order to really works for your color blind glasses, wear it for at least 8-10 hours a day. After adapting to 1-2 weeks, the red and green color recognition will be more effective after you wear it.

3.At present, color blind glasses have the best effect on mild to moderate red-green color blindness, but for strong protan deutan color blindness, the actual effect of the individual shall prevail.

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