Experience Life in Full Colour: Where to Buy Colour Blind Glasses in Australia

color blind glasses australia

For those living with colour blindness, life can sometimes appear less vibrant. However, with advances in optical technology, this no longer has to be the case. Colour blind glasses are a fantastic solution that helps enhance colour perception. They offer a brighter, livelier world to people with colour vision deficiency (CVD). So, if you’ve been wondering, “Where can I buy colour blind glasses in Australia?” Look no further; the solution is within your reach.

Living With Color Blind

We can’t choose why we have color blind,but we can living with color blind.

Where to buy color blind glasses in australia

In Australia, finding colour blind glasses doesn’t need to be a hassle. We bring this transformative solution straight to your doorstep – a wide selection is just one click away. From indoor pairs designed for screen usage to outdoor pairs for navigating your colourful world, we have glasses engineered to fit every lifestyle and preference.

We Deliver Across Australia

In Australia, finding colour blind glasses doesn’t need to be a hassle. We bring this transformative solution straight to your doorstep. A wide selection is just one click away. We offer indoor glasses for screens and outdoor glasses for vibrant life. Our glasses are engineered for every lifestyle and preference.

One of the main pillars of accessibility is availability. We’ve ensured that our colorblind glasses can reach every corner of Australia. This is true to our commitment. We’re proud to offer free shipping to the majority of cities across the country.

Whether you’re basking on the golden beaches of Sydney or discovering street art in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. If you’re launching a start-up in Brisbane, we’ve got you covered too. Our free shipping extends to:

East Coast: Sydney, Brisbane, Australian Capital Territory, and every point in between. We have every corner of the West Coast covered. From the tranquil Adelaide to the adventurous Darwin. Island-State: Not forgetting Hobart on the beautiful island state of Tasmania. We commit to deliver no matter where you’re located. We’ll bring the colours right to your doorstep.

Shipping and Delivery time to Australia

Free shipping 7-15 days
Fast shipping6-10 days

New Arrival Color Blind Glasses for Kids

What Is Color Blind Glasses

Any color in nature can be synthesized by red, green and blue, and the color perception of human eyes is also synthesized by red, green and blue. When abnormal cones occur, symptoms of color blindness such as red, green and blue blindness occur.

If the function of two types of cones in the retina is low, and the signal of two of the three primary colors is low (commonly known as dichromatic weakness) and the other primary color is increased, the patient has abnormal color vision, which is called type A color blindness.

If one type of cone cell in the retina is poorly functioning (commonly known as chromatism) and the other two are enlarged, the patient’s three primary colors are out of sync, which is called type B color blindness.

Color blind glasses are based on complementary color antagonism, special coating on the lens, the excessive light into the eye reflected through the glasses, the weak light into the eye increased, so that the proportion of the three primary colors into the human eye tends to be normal, and finally achieve the correct color discrimination.

Correction lenses for color blindness are now have  contact lens  and  frame glasses.

Suggestion for using color blind glasses

1. Use color blind glasses should start with children.

Color discrimination is cultivated from an early age. If color-blind children can wear color-blind glasses from an early age and have the opportunity to correctly identify colors from an early age, it is beneficial for them to develop their color discrimination ability when they grow up.

In addition, if they are exposed to colors from an early age, their color discrimination ability will be greatly enhanced through memory over time.

2. Color blind patients with weak vision should also wear color blind glasses.

Color blindness is not necessarily associated with good or bad vision, but some color blindness patients with poor vision, both color blindness and myopia or farsightedness, then there are a variety of options for correcting color blindness:
1) Color blind glasses with visual correction can be worn
2) Wear a normal pair of corrective eyeglasses, and then put a flat color blind lens on the outside of the glasses
3) First get a pair of contact lenses with corrective vision, and then wear a pair of flat color blind glasses
Of course, among the above methods, the color blind lens combined with the visual correction and color blindness correction function is the most simple and convenient.

3.Mutiple function in one glasses.

 colour blindness glasses  australia

In addition to correcting color blindness, colour blind glasses also have the function of anti-ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves, looking like light sunglasses, therefore, color blind glasses can be used in different occasions, play a mirror multi-purpose function, both correct colour-blindness and anti-ultraviolet and computer radiation.check our TPG-038 colorblind gnasses.

Must know before buy color blind glasses

1.Color blindness can be corrected by wearing color blindness glasses.

Color blindness is divided into congenital color blindness and acquired color blindness, acquired color blindness due to disease, disease will be better.

Congenital color blindness is inherited and cannot be treated.

There are two types of congenital color blindness: complete and incomplete color blindness.

Patients with complete colour blindness lose all the color sense function in the retina and can only distinguish black, white and gray colors, which cannot be corrected with colour blind glasses. Incomplete color blindness can be corrected by wearing colour blind glasses.

2.Color-blind glasses are versatile.

There are two types of color blindness, class A and class B.

The same type of colour blindness can be divided into different grades according to different degrees of severity. According to the experiment of colour blindness correction, the same type of color blindness patients with different grades need to wear different grades of corrective glasses, otherwise the effect is not good.

How i know i am color blind

there are many people not sure they are color blind.ishihara colour blind plates test may help you to check if you are colrblindness.

we have colour blind test system for 20 ishihara plates color test.

you may test in covisn color blind test

Does color blind glasses really works?

Most people not sure the glasses if it is works after purchased.So we promised 60 days money risk free policy.

Your can return the glasses before 60 days delivery for australia customers.

How to use the colour blind glasses

After receiving glasses, when putting on the glasses first time, you should waiting over 10 minutes let your eyes adjust the darkness of the lens and avoid removing the glasses .

To ensure better effective, wear the lens for at least 10 hours in a variety of situations over 1-2 weeks. Depending on the rate of neural plasticity in the user, a significant amount of time may be required for get better experience to respond by your eyes with the glasses.

Last phrase is to test our color blind plate in next links

covisn color blind test or use our manual in your package which we sent you.

Why  the glasses is not works for me?

For a number of patients with ineffective correction of color vision disorders, consider whether the following factors are related

1) The discomfort of dim and reddish objects when wearing color blind glasses at the beginning;
2) Slight color weakness;
3) Due to the deficiency of contact lenses for colour-blindness, the spectral antagonism generated by them is inappropriate
2. It is normal that the color vision acquired by patients with color blindness after correction may still be different to a certain extent from that obtained by completely normal people.
3. The wearing operation and nursing of color blind contact lenses are basically the same as those of ordinary contact lenses, but do not clean the lenses with organic solvents such as hot water or alcohol, nor treat the lenses with hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets to prevent lens oxidation from changing the antagonistic effect of color light and reducing the ability of color discrimination
4. The wearing of color blind glasses requires an adaptation period: The principle of color blind glasses determines that they will filter out part of the wavelength of light, so the brightness will be reduced, and patients may feel uncomfortable at the initial stage of wearing, which requires a certain adaptation period.

We recommand wearing for 1-3 weeks for better correct color vision.

Why the color blind contacts not works for me

There has reason for not effect by wearing  contacts:

1) Patients with eye diseases should not wear contact lenses
2) Patients who do not pay attention to hygiene or comply with medical advice should not wear contact lenses
3) Vision correction surgery patients should not wear contact lenses for 1 year
4) Contact lenses should not be worn by primary and secondary school students and people over 60 years old
6) Contact lenses should not be worn by menstruating or pregnant women
7) Cold patients should not wear contact lenses

How much do color blind glasses cost?

Mostly color blind glasses are over 100 USD.we offer all glasses under 100usd and free shipping to australia.

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