Color Blind Glasses Malaysia

color blind glasses malaysia

color blind glasses malaysia

5% of readers are male, so we can calculate that the average chance of reading colorblind is about 6.35%. That number is actually quite high, and for good reason. Incredibly, men are 25 times more likely to be colour blind than women, thanks to a silly little thing called the X chromosome. What is color blindness? The simplest way to describe it is this: People with normal color vision can see up to 10 million colors. Color-blind people can see only about 10 % of them.

Living With Color Blind

We can’t choose why we have color blind,but we can living with color blind.

Most people not know if they are color blind,you may check free color blind test program first.

For many year in retail optical,we know the color blind is more inconvenience in popoles life.

we test and sale most cheaper glasses for colorblindness.all works well with hapyy customers.

We recommend the top best color blind glasses for malayisa color blindness.

New Arrival Color Blind Glasses for Kids

COVISN TPG-038 Classic Color Blind Glasses

Ultimate Luxury Model Fashionable Design.
Outdoor and Indoor Use.


Anti-Blue Light Blocking,UV400-blocking.

Protan andDutan Color Blind Correction

Red Green Color Blind Corrective Glasses Are Suitable For Fine Arts And Chemical Construction Design.

Additional Luminosity Is Great For People Who Are Both Color Blind And Short-sighted.

A Special Coating On The Lens Filters Out Light In A Specific Band, Allowing Color Blinds To Improve Color Resolution Capability.

The Color Blind Glasses With Stylish Appearance Look No Difference From Sun Glasses.

Wearing The Color Blind Glasses Can Effectively Improve Users’ Color Sense, Enabling Them To Feel The Effect Of Color Enhancement.

For Protan and Dutan (red/green colorblind),Additional Luminosity Is Great For People Who Are Both Color Blind And Short-sighted.

Stylish Framed Glasses:This colorblind glasses with modern stylish design frame which is suitable for both men and women.

Hardened,Water-resistant,Anti-Scratching,Anti-Blue light blocking,UV400-blocking.

Stylish hybrid frames,Outdoor and Indoor Use.

Indoor & Outdoor Use:Our red green glasses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use though it works with better results in a brighter environment.

2021 Newest Sport Model

Perceive All Colors Better. No Need To Struggle With Indistinguishable Greens And Reds Anymore.

Red-green Color Blind Correction.

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  • Let the color blindness children carry on the correct color recognition and color identification in the early stage
  • For professionals to pass color blindness tests
  • Reduce the academic challenges associated with color blindness
  • Improve the quality of sports and outdoor activities
  • Enhance the overall enjoyment of art, media and the environment

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