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Nano-tech contact lenses can correct color blindness

Color blind contact lenses specific High-tech contact lenses can correct color blindness, according to Sharon Karepov of Tel Aviv University in Israel. “Contact lenses use supersurfaces based on nanosized gold ellipses to create a customized, compact and durable way to address these defects.” Questions that can tell red from green can disrupt simple, everyday tasks, […]

What is color vision contacts

Color vision contacts are contact for who has color deficiency,wear the color vision contacts will enhanced the red and green color recognization. The contacts will amplify specific wavelengths, let see the more bright color saturation, to enhance the effect of color vision. Color vision contacts better experience than color blind glasses. Wearing Color Vision Contacts […]

where to buy color blind contacts?

Are there color blind contacts for sale? There has many color blind glasses online store.but there all selling color blind glasses not contacts. For many customers told our support,where to buy color blind contacts.the glasses is not convenient for wearing, and most people unlike the color blind glasses.because everyone will know you are colorblind when […]