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Color-correcting glasses are tinted lenses that help filter out certain wavelengths of light. The technology is based on the Munsell color space theory, which explains how humans see color. These tinted lenses provide relief from eye strain, glares and squinting while improving your visual field during daylight hours.

Works same principle as tinted sunglasses

Color correcting lenses work on the same principle as tinted sunglasses—they selectively filter out certain wavelengths of light. The idea is to correct color blindness, but some people use them just to make the world look prettier. They’re not really a medical treatment; they’re more like cosmetic contact lenses you wear indoors or outdoors! If you want to try them for yourself, here’s how:

You’ll need two things: some special glasses with colored filters in them and your eyesight prescription (if you already have one). You can buy these online at sites like this one or at optometrists’ offices around town. Once you’ve got everything together, put on the glasses and take a look around with your new tinted vision!

The technology is based on the Munsell color space theory.

The technology is based on the Munsell color space theory. Munsell was a renowned artist, who created a color space in the early 1900s to help people understand color. He used this three-dimensional model to describe every possible shade of pigment imaginable, which he called Color Solid.

The system was revolutionary at the time, allowing artists to accurately depict any object they wished with perfect detail and clarity.

Helpful in improving some aspect of performance or overall comfort.

Color correction glasses can be particularly helpful in improving some aspect of performance or overall comfort. Here are some interesting facts about color correcting glasses.

  • Color correcting glasses can help with visual stress: This is a condition that can occur when you stare at bright light for long periods of time, causing your eyes to become irritated and fatigued. If you spend a lot of time working on computers or reading, then it’s possible you may suffer from this condition. A pair of color-correcting glasses will reduce the amount of blue light entering your eyes which is what causes this issue in the first place. You’ll notice an improvement within just a few days.
  • Color correction glasses can help with eye strain: Another common problem that people experience is eye strain which occurs as a result of focusing too much on objects close up such as computer screens or phone screens etcetera.. The main cause behind this type of discomfort is squinting because there isn’t enough brightness coming through our pupils (the opening at the center). Color corrective lenses filter out harmful rays while increasing sharpness and contrast so that we do not have to squint anymore! As soon as I put them on I could feel my eyes relax immediately!
  • Color correction glasses help those who suffer from dyslexia: Dyslexia affects one’s ability to read words fluently without sounding them out letter by letter; instead they skip around making guesses based off their knowledge about language rules (like syntax). Dyslexia also affects how someone might write letters backward when writing cursive letters too fast because their brains cannot keep up with how fast their fingers are moving across paper/keyboard surfaces… By slowing down someone’s brain activity through filtering out certain wavelengths like reds and greens (which cause irritation), we can improve performance significantly!

Color-correction lenses have a slight yellow or amber tint

You probably already know that color-correction glasses are tinted to filter out certain wavelengths of light. But did you know exactly how they work? Color correction lenses have a slight yellow or amber tint, which helps filter out some of the short wavelengths of light, or blue light. This makes them incredibly effective at reducing glare from computer screens and other digital devices.

Help individuals experiencing symptoms associated with eye strain and visual stress.

Color correcting glasses can help reduce eye strain and visual stress. This is because the lenses will filter out certain wavelengths of light, which allows your eyes to focus on the areas that you’re looking at more accurately. The result? You’ll be able to see things clearer and more clearly.

Another benefit of color correcting glasses is they may also increase your visual field as well as improve your overall vision.

You may need different color correction glasses for daytime and nighttime use.

When you’re wearing color correcting glasses, you’re filtering out certain wavelengths of light. These can be used for both daytime and nighttime use, but it’s important that you know the difference between them so you don’t end up treating yourself improperly. If your vision is fine during the day and distorted at night, then it’s likely that your problem lies with brightness rather than color correction. You may need a different set of lenses altogether or some sort of prescription lens to help correct this issue.

Color correction glasses can also be used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), dyslexia and visual stress (such as headaches).

Improving your visual field during daylight hours

The additional benefits of color-correcting glasses can include:

  • Reduced glare and squinting, which can reduce eye strain.
  • Improved visual field, which helps you see more clearly in your periphery and behind you.
  • Reduced eye fatigue from working or playing in front of a screen for long periods of time.
  • Improved visual acuity, the sharpness or clarity with which you see things around you. This can help reduce headaches that some people get when they spend too much time staring at small objects on their screens (like smartphone keys) or even computer monitors at work or home office setups!

Color-correction glasses won’t cure your color vision deficiency

Though color-correction glasses won’t cure your color vision deficiency, they may help by filtering out certain wavelengths of light and enhancing other colors. They’re also useful for people with normal color vision to make objects appear as if they were in black and white.

Color correction glasses are available through mail order catalogs or online retailers like Covisn. They come in a range of styles, from simple over-the-counter plastic frames to designer frames that you’d find at a high-end glasses. Color correcting prescription lenses can be added to any type of frame so you don’t have to buy one specifically marketed as “color correcting.”

Helps seeing more colors.

People with less serious forms of color blindness may feel like they’re seeing more colors. Color correcting lenses can help restore your vision, but if you have severe color vision deficiency (CVD), they won’t be able to correct it completely. However, they might help make things clearer overall.

People with CVD often have trouble seeing reds and greens clearly because the cones in their eyes that detect these colors are less sensitive than those that detect blues and yellows. One study found that people who wore glasses with yellow-tinted lenses were able to see more clearly at night—even when the lights were turned off!

Can be a useful tool for both adults and children

Color-correcting glasses are a useful tool for both adults and children. Color vision deficiencies can affect anyone, at any age. Color-correcting glasses can help to reduce the effects of color blindness or other vision problems and make life easier for people who have them.

If you have no vision problems, but you want to use color correcting glasses because they look cool or are fashionable, then go ahead! There’s nothing wrong with that either.


If you’re looking to buy color-correcting eyewear, we’ve got you covered. We know that shopping for glasses can be a hassle and that’s why our entire selection is designed to make picking out your new pair as easy as possible. With so many different styles available, there are bound to be some options that catch your eye. Whether it’s an everyday pair or something more special occasion appropriate, we think everyone should have at least one pair of color-changing glasses in their wardrobe!

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