How To Avoid Contact Lens Broken

contact lenses
Why is the brim of contact lens broken? What cause these kinds of damage?

Color blind contact lens breakage type and reason

  1. It was found that the lens was broken within a short time after the glasses were matched, which was mostly caused by the use of sharp tweezers, too long nails and too sharp edge of the lens box.
  2. The lens will soon become brittle and hard after dehydration, so it is easy to break. Please avoid dehydration of the lens.
  3. According to the shape and direction of the crack, generally the smooth crack is caused by the insufficient strength of the lens material. You can try to replace the lens variety, if the crack shape appears edges and corners, it is caused by the careless operation.

What behaviors are likely to cause lens breakage

  1. Fingernails are too long and too sharp, and the lenses are scratched when taking them;

2, rubbing and washing too much force, with unqualified products care lenses, such as “cleaner”;

3, the lens fell to the ground and was scratched by the rough surface;

4, the lens in the box dry, stick between boxes, or care solution poured too full, switch lens box caused rupture;

5, use unqualified forceps to take the lens, resulting in lens wear.

Color blind contact lens specification and attribute change by kinds condition

1, some eye drops, such as chloramphenicol, tetracaine eye drops, may change the diameter of the lens;

  1. The mixture of heating disinfection and chemical disinfection may lead to the reaction between the components in the disinfectant and the polymer material of the lens, thus affecting the physical properties of the lens;

3, some lens precipitates, such as pigment protein deposited on the surface of the lens, not only can make the lens red, but also make the lens hard, diameter reduction;

4, the osmotic pressure of the potion is high, and the diameter of the lens is reduced; Low osmotic pressure, lens diameter increases, so can not use tap water, boiled water or distilled water immersion lens;

5, lens aging, after the failure period of the lens will be deformed and curly.

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