Can Colorblind Individuals Drive in Singapore?

can colorblind drive in singapore

Singapore’s traffic laws require drivers to pass a basic vision test. This ensures drivers can reliably perceive traffic signals and lights. The Ishihara test is known for the colored dots on the plates. These dots form numbers or shapes. You can only recognize them if you can see certain colors. Individuals who cannot pass this test are often considered unfit to drive

Colorblind Contacts: A Solution to Passing the Ishihara Test?

traffic signal for colorblind driver

Here’s the good news for colorblind individuals: colorblind contacts. These designed lenses filter light entering the eyes, enhancing color perception. Some users have reported a dramatic enhancement in color discernment. This could help them pass the Ishihara Test.

Colorblind People to Get a Driving License in Singapore

The first step for all prospective drivers, colorblind or not, is to apply for a learner’s permit. During this process, colorblind individuals must declare their condition. If you’re colorblind, you may be asked to take the Ishihara test. While this may seem intimidating, don’t worry! Using colorblind contacts will increase your chances of passing this test.

Watch our video to take the Ishihara color vision test. Wear Covisn colorblind contacts and glasses.

If you can get good improvement for check the Ishihara plates,you’ll success to pass the test.

Driving Tips and Insights for Colorblind Driver in Singpore

Understand traffic lights. Familiarize yourself with the position of the lights on traffic signals. Even though you can’t see colors, you can figure out what the lights mean by where they are (top, middle, and bottom).

can colorblind drive in singapore

Stay alert to contextual cues: Pay close attention to the behavior of other vehicles. Pay close attention to pedestrian movements. Pay close attention to roadway cues. This will help you understand the status of the signal, even if the color is difficult to see.

Learn Shapes and Symbols: Many traffic signs use distinctive shapes and symbols. They don’t just rely on colors. Learn to recognize these to understand traffic instructions.

traffic signal for colorblind driver in singpore

Daytime Driving: If possible, try to drive during the day. Colorblind individuals often find color perception more challenging in low light conditions.

Install colorblind apps: They can help interpret colors in real life. Some apps are made for colorblind people. You may find these apps useful in various situations, not just for driving.

Regular Eye Checks: Regular comprehensive eye exams will help you understand if you are color blind. They also offer a chance to discuss potential strategies or treatments with your optometrist.

Additional driving lessons: Consider additional driving lessons. Instructors can help you with strategies and techniques. They can help you handle situations that may be difficult due to colorblindness.


Colorblindness presents unique challenges, especially in activities such as driving. However, it also comes with its own set of solutions. With tools like colorblind contacts, passing the Ishihara test becomes possible. If you’re colorblind and considering driving in Singapore or anywhere else, remember that with the right information and tools, you can navigate the roads safely and confidently.