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A Cure in Sight? The Latest Research on Achromatopsia and Possible Treatments

achromatopsia and treatment

People with Achromatopsia are unable to perceive colors or see in bright light, and their vision is often described as being like a black and white photograph. While there is no cure for achromatopsia, there have been significant advances in recent years in terms of research and treatment options. Living in a World Without Color: […]

How Color Blindness Affects Photoreceptors In The Eye

How Color Blindness Affect Photoreceptors In The Eye

Color blindness affects around 8% of men and 0.5% of women of Northern European descent. This is a significant proportion of the population, and it is important to understand how the human eye works and how color blindness can affect a person’s perception of color. In this blog post, we will explore photoreceptors in the […]

What Does Color Blind Lantern Test Tells You About Your Vision

Farnsworth lantern test is a fun way to test your vision

You’ve probably heard of a colorblind test, but maybe you’re not sure what it does or what it means. Color blindness is a common condition that affects one in every 12 men and one in every 200 women. The majority of people with color blindness are totally unaware that they have this problem until they […]