20 dingen die je kunt doen met je nieuwe Deutan kleurenblinde bril

deutan kleurenblinde bril

As you know, Deutan color blind glasses are a revolutionary new product that can help many people. With this guide, we hope to give you some tips on how to get the most out of them and what you should be looking for in your next pair.

We’ll start with the basics: what is color blindness? Color blindness is an inability or reduced ability to see color normally due to genetic variations in color receptors that distinguish lightness and darkness. In other words, people with deutan-type red–green deficiencies may struggle to tell reds from greens or browns from blues or purples (though there are many different types of deficiency).

In addition to helping those who suffer from visual impairments caused by Deutansim, these glasses also provide an interesting experience for those without any problems!

1.Get a jump on your holiday shopping

If you’re looking to do some holiday shopping, take advantage of your new Deutan Color Blind Glasses and go to the mall. Look at all of the clothing on display and see what colors are popular this season. Look at what colors are not popular this season. Consider what colors are in style with younger people (and thus might be more appealing to them than other styles).

2.Revel in the glorious greens of summer and fall.

You’ll love the greens of summer and fall. The intensely vibrant shade of green that you experience when looking at these leaves is like nothing else, especially when compared to the muted greens of spring and winter. These leaves have a brightness that cannot be replicated by any other colorbenders, so get ready for one-of-a-kind color experiences!

deutan kleurenblinde bril

3.See what was missing at your last barbecue

With your new Deutan color blind glasses, you’ll be able to tell the difference between green and red peppers, apples, onions and lettuce! You can impress your friends with how well you can see these items.

4.Rediscover your favorite art museum

You can visit your favorite art museum and look at the colors and shapes. You might be surprised to find that you prefer paintings that have lots of red in them. Or maybe you’re more of a green girl at heart.

You don’t need to be colorblind to appreciate the beauty of art; however, Deutan glasses allow you to see art like never before with their crisp, clear lenses that eliminate blurriness caused by color blindness.

5.Impress your friends with your fashion sense.

Now that you have your Deutan color blind glasses, you can finally impress your friends with your fashion sense. Now, when they’re wearing the same outfit as you, you’ll be able to tell them apart from each other—and even more importantly, be able to tell yourself apart from yourself (a common issue for people with deuteranopia).

The possibilities are endless: You can wear the exact same colors and patterns as someone else and still look different. Or you could wear completely different clothes than someone else but still end up looking exactly like they do. It’s time for some serious experimentation!

6.Tell the difference between maple and pecan.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to tell the difference between maple and pecan? Well, now you can! While both are brown, each has its own unique lightness and darkness. The lighter of the two is maple, which has a yellowish hue as opposed to pecan’s more reddish-orange color. And while they both have different kinds of patterns (maple is more pronounced than pecan), pecans are generally darker than their maple counterparts.

It’s true that this information may not seem immediately relevant in your day-to-day life—but it could be a lifesaver when choosing the perfect snack for your next party or family gathering.

7.Identify your favorite colored car.

This is a fun one. Color blind people can have a hard time with this, but it’s actually not that difficult when you have the right tools. If you go out for a drive and see your favorite car in traffic, or parked on the street, try to color in the car like someone who can see colors would do it. This will help you learn what colors appear like to others around you and give your brain practice at recognizing them. You may even be able to identify some of them!

8.See the sunset in a new way.

deutan kleurenblinde bril

The sun is a lot brighter. The sky is a lot bluer. The clouds are a lot more colorful. The sunsets are a lot more vibrant, and they’re also more beautiful than you could have ever imagined! They’re also much more colorful than you could have ever imagined—in fact, it looks like the entire world has been dipped in paint! This is what we mean when we say “color blind glasses”: they help to bring out the true colors of everyday life that those with normal vision take for granted every day.

9.Understand traffic lights.

If you’re a Deutan colorblind person, you may not have noticed that traffic lights are not always easy to understand. Red means stop, green means go, yellow means be careful and orange means be extra careful. But what about the combination of red and yellow? What does it mean? That’s where your new Deutan glasses come in handy!

10.Find a new favorite color or two by deutan color blind glasses

You’ll be able to see a whole new world of color, too! When you wear deutan color blind glasses, you’ll find that many of your favorite colors have changed. Some will look more vibrant than ever before and some may not be there at all. This can be a fun way to discover new things about yourself and the world around you.

In addition to seeing these new colors, deutan color blind glasses make it easier than ever before to identify objects because they allow for much more contrast between objects and their backgrounds. Your brain will start working differently as well: instead of thinking in terms of shapes (or “sizes”), you’ll begin perceiving how bright each object really is versus its surroundings.

11.See what food is moldy by deutan color blind glasses

If you are color blind, it can be difficult to tell the difference between moldy food and good food. You may have seen moldy food before, but did not realize that it was moldy because it looked just like all the other colors around it. With your new Deutan color blind glasses, however, you will be able to see that there is a difference between good food and bad food!

12.Stop getting confused by red carpet interviews with black-dressed stars.

If you’re a deuteran, nothing can make your life more difficult than red carpet interviews. Red dresses generally look blue or green, and black dresses often look brown or grey. If the star is wearing a black dress, it can be impossible for Deutans to tell the difference between them! In fact, even if the stars are wearing another color—like purple or red—their faces may appear to have been painted brown or purple.

This is why Deutan Glasses are popular among celebrities who don’t want their fans wasting money on them when they already have perfectly good pairs of sunglasses at home: they let you see colors correctly so that it doesn’t matter what color clothes people are wearing!

13.Play games with friends and family where you can now easily spot the differences.

Now that you have your Deutan color blind glasses, you can play games with friends and family where you can easily spot the differences.

There are a lot of games available online that are specifically designed for people who are color blind. These include:

  • Spot The Difference Games! You can find these in both free and paid versions on Google Play or iTunes.
  • Find The Similar Shapes! This is another game type that is great for practicing with your new Deutan glasses because it will help you learn which shapes look similar to each other when viewed through the lenses of this product. There are many versions on both Android and iOS platforms too so make sure to check them out!

14.Find a matching pair of socks

While you’re out shopping, you might notice that a lot of your socks don’t match. You can use your new Deutan Glasses to help you find a matching pair of socks, or at least tell if they’re close enough to match. Here’s how:

  • First, look at the color and pattern on each sock individually. They should be as similar as possible so that when your foot is inside one sock and the other encases your ankle below it, the two objects blend together seamlessly without any noticeable shifts in hue or texture.
  • Next, look at both socks together from far away with both eyes open (not squinted). They may appear to be identical shades of white due to their proximity; however, after moving around naturally while wearing both socks for a while—or by walking backward into a mirror—you should notice subtle differences between them: maybe one has patches where there aren’t any on its companion or vice versa; maybe one has spots where its partner lacks them entirely; maybe one seems brighter than the other in some places but darker in others;

15.See the difference in your toothpaste and mouthwash

You might be wondering how you can use your new Deutan color blind glasses to do more than just wear them while watching movies. One of these things is to use your Deutan color blind glasses to make daily life easier. As a deuteranope, you’ve probably experienced how hard it can be to tell the difference between toothpaste and mouthwash or blue and green. With these Deutans, I always know what type of product I’m using because they label everything with icons instead of words! They even have different icons for red and green so I never confuse the two again!

16.Match your luggage on the carousel at the airport

Het meest voor de hand liggende gebruik voor de deutan kleurenblinde bril is om je te helpen je bagage te vinden op een vliegveld. Ik heb deze situatie vaak meegemaakt en het kan een beetje stressvol zijn.

Gelukkig hoef je je met behulp van je nieuwe Deutan Kleurenblindbril geen zorgen te maken dat je je tas mist! Zet hem gewoon op en kijk rond naar al die groene labels die aan elk bagagestuk hangen. Die kleuren zijn veel gemakkelijker te lezen nu ze beter van elkaar te onderscheiden zijn!

17.Identify medicines, bottles and foods by reading labels for color and shape

Als je bijvoorbeeld rood-groen kleurenblindheid hebt en je probeert het verschil te zien tussen een groen en een rood medicijnflesje, dan kan dat moeilijk zijn. Op dezelfde manier, als je blauw-geel kleurenblindheid hebt en je kijkt naar een aantal oranje medicijnflesjes, kan het moeilijk voor je zijn om te vertellen welke welke is.

Je kunt je kleurenblindbril gebruiken als hulpmiddel voor identificatie door etiketten op medicijnen en voedingsmiddelen te lezen om te bepalen wat ze bevatten. Bijvoorbeeld:

  • Als er op een artikel naast de naam "rood" of "roze" staat, betekent dit dat het veilig is voor iemand met rood-groen type Deutan Kleurenblindheid (protanopie) zoals jij! Rood-groen Deutan Kleurenblindheid laat rood donker grijsachtig paars lijken terwijl roze helder roodachtig oranje lijkt. Geen zorgen dus! Onthoud alleen dat alle andere kleuren er donkerder uitzien dan normaal vanwege dit type gezichtsbeperking.
  • Als er op een artikel naast de naam "blauw" staat, betekent dit dat het goed is voor iemand met blauw-gele Tritanopie (deuteranopie) zoals jij, omdat blauw donker grijsachtig paars lijkt terwijl geel ook helder roodachtig oranje lijkt bij dit type gezichtsbeperking. Alle andere kleuren lijken echter lichter dan normaal, dus let op als je in de stad gaat winkelen!

18.See the leaves on the trees changing this fall.

Met je Deutan kleurenblinde bril kun je genieten van de herfstkleuren van je favoriete bomen en planten. De bladeren veranderen van groen naar geel, oranje, rood en bruin voordat ze van de takken vallen. Dit is een prachtig gezicht dat veel mensen missen door hun kleurenblindheid. Met deze bril kun je alle schoonheid van de natuur voor je zien!

19.Enjoy true-to-life viewing on your phone or tablet.

Je kunt genieten van levensechte weergave op je telefoon of tablet zonder enige blauwtint. Je kunt het scherm precies zo zien als het eruit hoort te zien, dus je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken over een rood getinte bril als je je apparaat gebruikt. Dit helpt je af van alle hoofdpijn en stress die je kunt krijgen als je online iets probeert te lezen met een bril met blauwe glazen.

20.Watch movies like you’ve never experienced them before.

Er zijn dingen die je niet kunt doen zonder onze Deutan kleurenblindheid glazen.

Films en tv-programma's kijken is nog nooit zo goed geweest, omdat je de kleuren in de film kunt zien zoals je ze nog nooit eerder hebt gezien. Als je nu met je vrienden naar een film of serie kijkt, kan iedereen er op zijn eigen manier van genieten op basis van zijn persoonlijke kleurwaarneming. In plaats van alleen maar te horen hoe goed (of slecht) iets eruit zag, kan iedereen nu genieten van wat ze zien met hun eigen ogen en hoeven ze geen ondertitels te lezen of vragen te stellen over wat er op het scherm gebeurde.


Je zult versteld staan hoeveel je kunt zien met een deutan kleurenblinde bril en we weten zeker dat je er net zoveel van zult houden als wij. We hopen dat deze lijst je op weg heeft geholpen met je avontuur met deze ongelooflijke bril.

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